Identity & Credentials for your Web3 Communities

myDid offers a customizable wallet solution allowing your users to share their Identity and easily exchange Community Badges

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Secure Self Storage

All your Verifiable Credentials and Open Badges available on your phone

Secure Authentication

Register and login to websites with easy phishing-proof authentication

Clear Consent

Only strictly necessary information is shared

Multiple chains of trust

Freedom to choose trusted authorities to verify identities and data

Your Web3 Companion

Connect safely using myDid wallet smartphone application. myDid provides decentralized identity solutions for secure and frictionless authentication.

Decentralized Identity

Privacy friendly (no personal data on blockchains)

Verifiable Credentials

On-chain & off-chain, privacy friendly

Open Badges

OpenBadge 3.0 ready, for issuers and holders

Mobile Application

All-in-one personal wallet, Self-Sovereign Identity & Data


Download myDid App Available on Google Play and iOS Store.

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Get started in 3 steps

Download our App

You can download our mobile app for free. Available for Android smartphones and iPhones.

Create your DID

It only takes 1 minute to create your DID and start receiving your first Verifiable Credential.

Share with Everyone

You can now send or receive your Verifiable Credentials and Open Badges with other users.

Benefits of using myDid

Create your Decentralized Identities, exchange Verifiable Credentials and Open Badges

Stimulate your community!
  • Create your organization's decentralized identifier (DID)
  • Customize your own universe and space
  • Design your own templates for your organization and Badge members
  • Choose achievements and levels
  • Authenticate users and verify their information (KYC)

Your members will be able to...
  • Create their decentralized identifiers (DID)
  • Receive Verifiable Credentials, Open Badges, NFT, POAP and more
  • Send and receive Peer to Peer badges
  • Easily register and login to web2 or web3 services
  • Sign documents with their identities
  • Share their profiles and skill

Meet Our Team


Frédéric Martin


Georges Tresignies


Gilles Boenisch


Imad El Aouny


Anthony Di Stefano


Maxime Dutres

Full Stack Developer

Alexandre Dutres

Mobile Developer

Maxence Mohr

IT Architect

Guillaume Isler

Community Manager

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myDid is a Swiss company who developped a mobile application where you can manage multiple Digital Identities with which you can collect Badges and Verifiable Credentials.

Our mobile application is used to create a Decentralized Digital Identity for the user and to receive and store personal information locally on the user's phone in the form of Verifiable Credentials and Open Badges.

myDid application is compatible with all services using the same standards (DID and Open Badge). The app has been released since June 2022 and we are working with companies interested in supporting these new technologies.

Our app is one of the few applications where you can manage the creation of a Decentralized Digital Identity and the use of Verifiable Credentials and Open badges. It is truly a Decentralized solution (your verifiable personal information is stored locally). You can consciously choose to share your information with compatible services, in a secure manner, while keeping a history of all your consents. By using our mobile application, you keep your identity(ies) and verifiable informations on yourself.

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Discover our upcoming features and development plan

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myDID has joined 1EDTech Consortium and now supports Open Badges version 3.0, which have recently become compatible with verifiable credentials standard.

Admins in charge of a universe can give badges only for their team members by assigning them a public role. For example, a school can give special badges to trainers, who can then give peer-to-peer badges like any other users, but with a trace proving that these peer-to-peer badges came from a trainer (without personal information).

myDID app supports dynamic QR codes: these animated QR codes can transfer much more data.

Admin panel is only for organizers that can create public profiles without containing any personal information (e.g., XYZ training organization, ABC service company, KLM project support group, etc.). Creating custom universes is also possible (dedicated homepages and badge templates, etc.).

The app automatically backs up badges, credentials, and some user preferences to their personal cloud (iCloud or Drive). This information is encrypted and also require the 12-word backup phrase to restore in case of loss. (Reminder: the "12 words" are only backed up by the user on an offline support such as paper, metal, etc.). Therefore, neither Apple, Google, nor myDID have access to the backup contents.

Admins/organizers can send an app download link that redirects their users directly to the context of their universe (custom badges, homepage with latest information about the organizer, etc.).

Admins can delegate on demand the creation of credentials to a server. They can offer QR codes for automatically receiving member badges and participation/attendance credentials (like POAP for example, but without the disadvantages of NFTs).

PDF signature by multiple users can be requested via an open-source online service. When each party has signed, simply by using their myDID app, the signed document is returned to all signatories.

Users can create different DIDs to segregate their various digital lives. This functionality is also used to create a new identity for a user that wish to become an organizer/administrator.

myDID app is compatible with Metamask, which manages the connection of external hardware wallets via dynamic QR codes. Metamask then becomes an intermediary, and final actions are confirmed directly on myDID app.

Nostr is a new protocol relaying peer-to-peer information between users, in a neutral and privacy-friendly way. Its support within myDID app simplifies the trade and sending of badges, credentials reception, newsfeed on homepage, etc.

An admin can delegate some of their rights to other users. For example: authorizing creation of badge templates for organizations or giving reserved badges, etc.

Group management is simplified by adding customizable invitation links, thus the host can be kept informed of the arrival of their guests, in the universe of their choice.

Each user can consent and organize the sharing of a personalized profile/resume on a public or private web page that gathers several badges and/or certificates.

Public Discord bot can filter users at the entrance of a discord server but also can make it possible to give, receive and display badges for the users that wish to do so.

Admin panel makes it possible to create events and related credentials through a simple ticketing service. Each user can check the ticket’s validity.

The app makes it possible to use several KYC services with different levels of verification in order to meet the various constraints of verifiers (national and European requirements, legal compliance, etc.).

Traditional certification authorities allow advanced verification of the existence of companies by providing a certificate that can be used directly on their myDid public profile.

Companies that want to use a centralized authentication portal (Single Sign-On) can include verifiable credentials of myDid app’s users.

A decentralized ethical management entity (former code name Cortex) makes it possible to manage ads distribution or targeted surveys, without centralized profiling nor tracking.


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